A huge thanks to DHSI's "Models for DH at Liberal Arts Colleges" class! We appreciate your testing, feedback, and (of course) patience!

dhQuest is a game meant to model the process of beginning a Digital Humanities center at an institution, and the many (many) decisions that are involved along the way. As such, part of the game is to learn how to use the language of DH planning.

For other information about the game, and the full rules and instructions, please see our instructions page (which features a downloadable PDF copy of the instructions for the pen-and-paper players!).

While dhQuest embodies the spirit of a pen-and-paper role-playing game, the game also features a digital companion piece (this website!) that lets anyone play the game as a single-player experience, entirely online.

Click one of the "Let's Get Started" buttons on the intro page to get started. You can also open an additional tab to access instructions online as you play the game in a separate tab.

dhQuest was designed for DHSI's "Models for DH at Liberal Arts Colleges" class, taught by Angel David Nieves and Janet Simons, as an interactive guide to the process of beginning DH centers.

dhQuest was designed by Gregory Lord, Angel David Nieves, and Janet Simons.