You can download the complete (work-in-progress) dhQuest instructions at the link below:


Character Sheet

And if you're the pen-and-paper sort (who isn't?!), you can download and print the Character Sheet here:

How to Create your Character

Pen and paper and clacks and clatter of rolling dice! (Congrats to you for going oldschool.)

If you've gotten here, hopefully it's because you want to generate your character the old fashioned way, and are ready to roll some dice to determine your DH fate!

(Or not, in which case you can click here to generate your character automatically. (*Cough*no fun*cough*.)

Follow the instructions below, and when you've finished, enter the values you derive into the form below. Be honest! (Or don't. *shrug* Whatever.)

The Character Sheet

First, take (or print) a copy of the Character Sheet, and get ready to record all of your values the oldschool-cool way.

The Character Generator Tables

1.1 Player Role


Roll twice. The first roll determines whether you're an IT Specialist or Librarian, or a Faculty or Student Body Representative (the vertical columns). Roll again to find the second value (the horizontal rows).

1.2 Institution Type


Roll once to find what type of institution you represent. (This will affect the scores below.)

1.3 Initial Stats (Resources Per Turn)


This is the fun part. You're going to roll 4 times, one for each of your Stats/Resources, and adjust your die rolls (1-6) to the numbers below. This represents the slight advantages and disadvantages to your starting Institution Type, but should be weighted enough to not advantage/disadvantage you too heavily.

Scan for the number you rolled, 1-6 (in the horizontal row marked "d6 Roll") and then scan down to find the corresponding number in the row marked "Time", and then "Fund", etc.

Do this for each of your Resources Per Turn!

And in the spirit of community...

You, lucky testers, have come to this game in the wonderful spirit of DH community, and to recognize that, please give yourself a courtesy 1 (one) Network point on us! This should tell you that you're already off to a great start getting connected with your fellow DHers! *Free Network points are not valid with other offers. Cash value 1/100th of 1 cent.